October 24, 2010

Three's {Great!} Company: Road Trippin'

I am trying blogging on the go via some phone apps {I am loving the Retro Camera app on my phone!}...The little man is catching a nap and the hubby and I are remembering our honeymooning cruise days...We love having our son around but are looking forward to him enjoying the preschool program on board, too. Woohooo! {This is his 2nd cruise so he is a salty dog at age three...a true son of a son of a sailor!}

Family time + mommy-daddy alone time= sounds like a little slice of perfect!

I have 3 memory cards empty for picture taking but the WiFi on board requires a small mortgage payment to use so I ain't promising too much in the play-by-play updates. I will be spending that money on umbrella drinks!

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October 23, 2010

I'm on a boat...

...or I will be all next week!

Moonlit Romance
{If you add a wild three year old to this picture and take away the cig and the boutonnieres, that will be the hubby and I next week!}

I will be back next week after we spend a week on the Freedom of the Seas and watching one of the very last shuttle launches. June will be back all relaxed and ready to get back to work next week...

{Welcome to all my new followers!}

October 21, 2010

Modern mini quilt and Mac and Cheese

Mini quilts are my new obsession.
Think about it:
  • finish a quilt in a reasonable amount of time-check!
  • Try a new technique on a small scale-check!
  • Have a piece of art that has a many uses around the house-double check!
I love making little quilts into individualized placemats, toy-spot placers {i.e. fabric parking lots for Match Box cars!}, and oversized trivets. My newest creation is this sweet {and beyond easy} mini place mat that is also lined with insulated batting so it also doubles as a large potholder.

{Seriously-how are the large lasagna-sized pans supposed to fit on a fit square pot holder?}

My little man calls it his "birthday" snack mat {because I made him fabric bunting for his birthday} and it is perfect for a little bowl of his favorite mac and cheese for lunch.

I based the idea of the fabric bunting on Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life's rainbow bunting quilt.

The 1.5 pt Pyrex mixing bowls are perfect for hearty stews, pastas and snacky treats...and turquoise is my favorite color...

He gives it the cheesy grin of approval!

October 19, 2010

Pyrex: a confession...

I am doing a little confessing over on The Pyrex Collective today... I am so excited about being part of a group of folks who share the same lil' love I do!

October 15, 2010

Friday Favorites: Vintage Sheets

I seriously dig vintage linens...and I am having a serious girl-crush on Jeni {check out her store, Ironsea, and her blog, In Color Order!} Jeni has a drool worthy collection of Pyrex, she quilts, sells lovely vintage sheets and linens and shares amazing pictures on flickr. Her photography, collections and craftiness are all my favorites today::

{I am a complete sucker for pre-cut fabric!}

I have never attempted a star piecing pattern...but this kind of excites me to try it!

Fat Quarters {on sale!} in Jeni's Shop

Embroidery hoops + vintage fabric = love

Thrifting finds {with a little pink Pyrex action!}

{I may have bought the charm pack and scrap set for a little vintage sheet quilting of my own!}

October 14, 2010

Everyday Vintage: Fast Food and the Good China

Do you eat on your heirloom {or, "the good"} china?

If you don't, why not?

Tonight's dinner consisted of a pantry container of creamy butternut squash soup {compliments of Pacific Natural Foods-it's vegan, y'all!} and a little bagged romaine lettuce salad...Super simple, minimal prep work but healthy and delicious. It is one of those quick supers that doesn't make you drag the rest of the night, like grabbing junk food can.

Despite not being "my style" of antique or vintage, I treasure the antique china I inherited from my great grandmother {her name was Easter and I was born on her birthday!} We eat every single meal on it, despite that it could be pricey to replace some of the specialty pieces.

I read once in a book about clutter by organizer-extraordinaire, Peter Walsh, that keeping items that you don't use for the sake of memories does not honor the person or person with whom you associate the items. In other words, keeping grandma's china in a box or even a china cabinet does a disservice to you and to the memory of your grandmother...

So, we keep the good stuff in the kitchen cabinet and every PB&J and "easy" meal gets served up in style. We want to remember the Thanksgiving dinners that have been eaten on these plates before us and we want to create new memories.

These plates are both rare and common...and I wouldn't want it any other way!

October 12, 2010

June loves school

I mentioned yesterday that I was in the midst of midterms this week, so I took a little break after finishing one big computer lab assignment to search through Etsy for all things vintage collegiate...Here are some of my favorites that I found:
Perfect for note-taking: re-purposed vintage album journal from Photographic Amy

Is this semester over, yet? Industrial school wall clock from AMRadio

School-marm charm: 1960s Mod Mary Jane's from Raleigh Vintage

What I would rather be studying: Art of Sewing vintage texts 4-set from Retro Reading

After I learn to sew, I could knit up one of these collegiate sweaters: Bernat "School and College Look" pattern book from Tiki Room Merch

How cute is this pendant? It has "Kitch-iti-ki-pi Big Spring" written on it! 1950's tourism pendant from Elizabeth Wren Vintage

And to help occupy my little lab assistant while I study: Vintage 1960's Disneyland alphabet blocks from My Attic's Treasures

Are you in school? Working on my master's degree now {as a mom, wife and working on my lil' business} is very different than doing college the traditional route...do you have any hints or secrets to making that work? Please share!