October 7, 2010

Everyday Vintage: Calendars and Corningware

My morning has been spent with some of my favorite cookbooks for a long overdue menu-planning session...complete with some rick dark chocolate mocha in my everyday Corning coffee cup (in the Pyrex Butterfly Gold pattern...) I searched through some of my favorite cookbooks for some yummy treats and cool weather tummy fillers. I have been inspired by the cool Elycia and her Veg out with Elycia project to share a couple of short thoughts on making the transition...

My short and sweet rules for going veg (for a short time or with the goal of long term):
  • Go slow. While I know many that categorize eating animal products as severely unethical but making this change can be tough both mentally and socially and your body will need to adjust to a plant-based diet. Don't categorize food as "good" or "bad", educate yourself with the issues around what you eat, and make changes and choices based on your belief system.
  • Keep it simple. While some of my favorite food blogs are vegan, you don't have to cook like a chef or have a gourmet health food store nearby. You can cook healthy, good tasting food without complicated methods or difficult-to-find ingredients.
P.S. Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk is my new favorite...Warm it up in your favorite coffee mug and add an instant coffee packet or a shot of espresso...yum! Head over to Elycia's blog to read some great personal stories and some yummy recipes!

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