October 21, 2010

Modern mini quilt and Mac and Cheese

Mini quilts are my new obsession.
Think about it:
  • finish a quilt in a reasonable amount of time-check!
  • Try a new technique on a small scale-check!
  • Have a piece of art that has a many uses around the house-double check!
I love making little quilts into individualized placemats, toy-spot placers {i.e. fabric parking lots for Match Box cars!}, and oversized trivets. My newest creation is this sweet {and beyond easy} mini place mat that is also lined with insulated batting so it also doubles as a large potholder.

{Seriously-how are the large lasagna-sized pans supposed to fit on a fit square pot holder?}

My little man calls it his "birthday" snack mat {because I made him fabric bunting for his birthday} and it is perfect for a little bowl of his favorite mac and cheese for lunch.

I based the idea of the fabric bunting on Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life's rainbow bunting quilt.

The 1.5 pt Pyrex mixing bowls are perfect for hearty stews, pastas and snacky treats...and turquoise is my favorite color...

He gives it the cheesy grin of approval!

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Thrifted Treasure said...

That is really adorable and I'm with you on the colour turqouise!

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