August 16, 2010

beauty in the details

My family and I went to town to check out a new auction house to check out both new and old stuff to bring was hot and we knew that we would be trying to wrangle an almost three year old in a room full of people. I chose to wear this light cotton vintage shirt...and it amazes me how the little details can be so fresh in something that is technically old.

I wonder whose hands buttons these in their past life...

The perfect green, lemon yellow and beautiful blues...lovely...

While lace is not something that is usually me, but on a shirt that seems to be just a normal shirt, it makes a sweet addition to the collar.

And, surely, I am not the only one that is in love with vintage clothing labels!
{I wish all my clothes were "Perma-Prest"...that would make life much easier!}
As I am entering the amzing world of vintage sellers, I am blown away by the diversity, knowledge and style of all those I meet. The beauty of us all is truly in our details.

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