August 18, 2010

Kick your feet up and stay a while...

The best place to start is at the very beginning, right? is my little story from the beginning:

One of the benefits and downfalls of getting to be married to a man in uniform is the inevitability that we would move. I worked in career that required a state license that did not transfer laterally to other states. {I was a police detective...when you move to a new state, you basically go back to being the lowest man on the totem pole-bad shifts, uniform and all...} I had such plans for how fulfilling being "just a mom" would be. And as much as I thorougly enjoy being able to take a nap if I wish and no longer being on-call to tragedy everyday, I quickly learned that I do not handle a perceived lack of identity well. Thus, I began to experiment with expanding my hobby list and quickly fell more in in love with sewing. In November of last year, I started Camp Cupcake Designs on Etsy and had moderate success for the amount of time I put into it. I truly love crafting, being part of the handmade community and love the business end of the process.

Since the beginning of the process, I felt pulled into the vintage side of Etsy more than the craft side. I have always been an avid collector of old stuff {before I ever heard of mid-century modern or found Pyrex Love on flickr...} and have dreamed since last fall of transitioning my Etsy business into a vintage store. Now that summer is coming to an end, I am actively working toward stocking the store and building this site into what I dream it can be.

{um...a side note would be that I would love for my site/blog to be set up on Wordpress, but I am endlessly a cheapskate and don't wanna pay for web hostin'...any thoughts on achieving keeping my domain name pointed to my site, would be much appreciated!}
I hope you'll join me on this ride...I will be doing the Twitter thing over here and would love for your to follow me on this journey!

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