September 29, 2010

Crafting a Vintage-Inspired Office

While I love the lazy days of summer, I really get motivated when fall comes around to get things organized around the house. I enjoy using thrifted, vintage and upcycled goodies around the house-both for the aesthetic and the fact that I believe in supporting the businesses behind these goods. Here is a little inspiration from the vintage and indie business world to spruce up your work space:

{Photo: Credit}

Vintage Globe from Vital Vintage on Etsy $28.00

Sustainable Wallpaper from Mini Moderns

Packaging and Gift Wrap Mixed Bag from Olive Manna $39.00

And, of course, a scarf to boost your typing production:

Vintage Pink Royal Typewriter Ad

Vintage Royal Typewriter Ad via flickr

Enjoy! Heather

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